Certified Cease Fire Train-the-Trainer

About the Program

Picture it, listen for it, imagine it... the chaos of a battle, the noise of guns blasting, the smell of gunpowder & smoke, the ringing in your ears... and then you hear it... "CEASE FIRE!" ...




You'll be teaching so much in your law enforcement academy and/or first responder school -- emergency response, tactical defense, de-escalation, law & liability, physical safety, public protection, etc.  


Cease. Stop. Pause....

What about the officer or responder themselves? They see so much, experience so much. It's up to you to prepare them, just like you would for anything else they may encounter in their career, for all the things they'll go through and what it could do to them.  

The Cease Fire training program is a Train-the-Trainer program. Select just the right instructor from your Academy/School instructors, and get them trained to teach the Cease Fire mental health program (3 or 7 days) and integrate it into your academy or responder school curriculum.  You will have the best prepared, ready-to-stay-resilient, group of rookies ever to graduate from your program.  Teach them about mental strength, emotional resilience, and self-protection from trauma. And you will save lives - those of your graduates as well as the individuals they work with, and those they serve, throughout their careers.

It's important.

It's your responsibility.

Bring this mental health program into your Academy or Responder School with a certified Cease Fire Trainer.

Program to be released in early 2021.

Program Objectives

Through a post-course examination, participants will demonstrate knowledge of the following, as well as an ability to present that knowledge to students in an academy setting:
1. The most common causes of mental health challenges experienced by LEO's;
2. The culture of "suck it up" vs. peer support;
3. What is trauma, and how LEO's experience it;
4. The many responsibilities and expectations placed on LEO's, and the effects it can have;
5. Anxiety, stress, burnout, and always being "on the job;"
6. Escapist behaviors and healthier options;
7. Trauma timeline and Posttraumatic responses;
8. The effects of the LEO life on relationships and family;
9. Fatigue, cynicism, worldview changes and balance;
10. Suicide prevention & intervention


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